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Grand Solmar Cabo San Lucas

Grand Solmar


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Cabo San Lucas Resorts, The Cape A Thompson Hotel

The Cape


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Fiesta Americana


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  • Price Guarantee On Cabo San Lucas Resorts

    Price Guarantee On Cabo San Lucas Resorts

    With LuxLife Cabo Vacations there are no booking fees; meaning lower pricing for you. Our local Cabo team is committed to finding our guests the best experiences at prices to fit their budget. Because we are here and have personal relationships with the top Cabo San Lucas Resorts we have been able to arranged preferred rates for our guests. If you can find a Cabo resort less expensive let us know.

  • Unmatched Experience

    Unmatched Experience

    Yes, we are a USA based company, but what makes us unique and special in the travel world is that we have a team in Cabo San Lucas to make sure your Cabo vacation is flawless. You finally get to travel “In The Know” & like a local. Our portfolio of quality Cabo San Lucas Resorts & our trusted activity vendors are not people & companies we read about online… We know them personally, which means top notch service for you. We’re committed to delivering personalized Cabo vacations.

  • Personal Vacation Curators

    Personal Vacation Curators

    Your Complimentary Cabo Vacation Concierge will assist with all your trip plans, excursions & will meet your travel expectations. Your local concierge will assist in taking care of all the details; like tracking your flights for prompt ground transportation, arranging Cabo activities, making dinner reservations & curating special events like proposals and weddings. We do this so you can relax & enjoy the vacation you deserve.

Yes, Los Cabos Luxury Resorts are all about quality, top notch service and beautiful views, but that does not mean you can’t enjoy Cabo deals. We at LuxLife Vacations believe infinite luxury is about quality, exceeding ones expectations at the best price possible. We all like to save money for the best experiences…. It is human nature. Our first job is to discover and only work with quality Cabo resorts and local activity providers. Our second job is to negotiate with the Cabo resorts the best price for you.



Our Partner Resorts

Customized, Obtainable, Beautiful Vacations To Cabo.

  • Alegranza
  • Cabo Azul
  • Casa Del Mar
  • Casa Dorada
  • Esperanza
  • Fiesta Americana
  • Grand Solmar
  • Hacienda Encantada
  • Hilton Los Cabos
  • Hotel El Ganzo
  • Mar Adentro
  • Marquis Los Cabos
  • Playa Grande
  • Pueblo Bonito Pacifica
  • Pueblo Bonito
  • Secrets
  • The Cape
  • The Resort At Pedregal
  • The Ridge
  • Villa Del Arco
  • Villa Del Palmar
  • Villa La Estancia

    Cabo San Lucas Resorts are as unique as the land and the beautiful people.

    Because of Cabo Resort’s high standards you will be “wowed” at every moment of your stay. Keep in mind, while you are looking around, Cabo San Lucas only has about 10 days of rain a year so you are almost guaranteed perfect weather. If you have any questions about Cabo San Lucas Resorts and what resort will fit your travel style just livechat or call us.  We are here to make sure your Vacation meets your expectations and is flawless all at wholesale rates.

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    Cabo Tips

    • Best Activities for Cabo San Lucas Vacation Packages

      One of the best parts of Cabo San Lucas vacation packages is the wealth of activities available. No matter whether you’re on the romantic vacation of a lifetime or on a fun-filled trip with kids, you need to have plenty of options. You’ll enjoy having access to so many fun things to do when you go on vacation.


      If you love dolphins, why not take the opportunity to swim with them? When you go on a dolphin swim, you’ll get to feed and play with them, which far surpasses simply seeing them from a boat. You even have an opportunity to act as a trainer for a day.

      You probably wouldn’t have thought of a camel ride when you’re vacationing in Mexico, but camel rides are available. The camel rides are part of a bigger quest that offers a lot of fun for all ages. You’ll be able to ride a camel with your group to El Tule Canyon, which has a beautiful oasis.

      The waters around the Cabo Arch are perfect for scuba diving, and you will have a great experience on a private scuba diving trip. See some of Mexico’s most beautiful reef areas in an unspoiled setting. You’ll enjoy the close encounters with marine life as well.


      Cabo San Lucas vacation packages include the option of a La Paz encounter. There is some beautiful Colonial architecture here that is worth the trip. You’ll also get a good look at the Sea of Cortez, with the perfect opportunity for panoramic photos.

      Eco tour enthusiasts will enjoy the opportunity to see rock paintings that date back 7000 years. This tour includes trails that pass through some beautiful mountain scenery. You’ll enjoy the conclusion of the tour at a mining town.

      Another experience you’re sure to enjoy is a Todos Santos tour. The city has some of the best shopping, art and historical sites near Cabo. Be sure to see the sea lion colony nearby.

      Cabo Beaches

      Cerritos Beach is the place to go if you want a lot of time in the water. It’s the only beach on the Pacific side of Cabo that is ideal for surfing. The water here is easily swimmable for most beachgoers.

      If you’re looking for a back to nature experience, Santa Maria Beach is a welcome part of Cabo San Lucas vacation packages. There are relatively few vendors here, so you’ll have a more peaceful beach trip. The beach area is protected by the government, so you can trust the beach area to be relatively unspoiled.

      A great beach for family gatherings is Chileno Beach. The water is warm and shallow, making the beach a good choice for swimming and water activities for the whole family. It’s a good place to hang out in, too, with shade trees.

      Art & Culture

      One of the activities you’re certain to enjoy is a private art walk. There are 16 galleries included on this walk. You’ll also be able to visit dozens of ceramics and jewelry shops.

      Visit Flora Farms, where you can see how delicious foods are brought from the farm to the table. Foods are served according to a diverse seasonal menu. The bar also serves cocktails infused with the farm’s own vegetables and fruit.

      Your trip won’t be complete without a tequila tasting. Here, you can learn more about how this beverage is made. Taste some new, exciting flavors.

    • 4 Romantic Vacation Ideas for Cabo San Lucas

      Coordinating a vacation of any kind can be stressful. Factor in romance, and the pressure really starts to sink in. Luckily, Cabo San Lucas is filled with romantic experiences for couples, newlyweds, weddings, anniversaries and more. Incorporate these romantic vacation ideas into your Cabo vacation and let your worries slip away. With romantic opportunities like this, there’s no need for any stress.

      Sunset sailing

      Anyone can explore Cabo by foot. Take your exploration to the sea for a gorgeous view of Cabo San Lucas against the backdrop of a golden, setting sun. This intimate experience will sail along the coast, taking you past Lover’s Beach and the famous rock formation “El Arco.” As you share this once in a lifetime moment together, help yourselves to delicious foods and an onboard bar. Adding this activity to a vacation will be a gesture your partner will always treasure.

      Wine tasting

      The best kind of romance involves sharing in something that’s new and exciting. That’s what makes trying new things the perfect romantic fit, no matter what activity is involved. A wine tasting is a relaxing and sweet way to try new things together. Venture to DOC Wine Bar to sample the flavors and aromas of a selection of over 300 wines, until you find the one that’s worthy of indulging in. Spend the evening chatting by candlelight as you polish off a bottle of the most delicious wine either of you have ever tasted, and an exquisite dessert.

      Art Walk

      Stroll along the quaint Cabo art district hand in hand as you search for unique finds. With galleries, jewelry and ceramic shops lining the street, feel free to travel at whatever leisurely pace you’d like. Use this as a quiet moment together, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. On Thursday night, the district comes to life with live music. Keep your eyes open for local artists as you walk gallery to gallery sipping on wine.

      Couples Massage

      No romantic vacation would ever be complete without a couple’s massage, and a couple’s massage in Cabo is an experience unlike any other. Cabo San Lucas is home to one of only seven wine spas in the world, making this particular vacation the perfect opportunity to work in this relaxing activity. Schedule one of several different wine-based treatments and let all of your stress melt away. After it’s all over, the two of you will feel at peace, refreshed and ready to take on every adventure together.

      In Cabo, romance is never far away. Contact LuxLife Vacations today to start customizing your romantic vacation and get ready to be swept off your feet in paradise.

    • 5 Cabo San Lucas Transportation Tips for Travelers

      Anyone who’s traveled anywhere has likely found that transportation around the area you are visiting is probably the most important aspect you most often forget to consider prior to arrival. Generally this is because local transit – buses, cabs, railways – are a readily accessible convenience we can take for granted in modern society. We’ll worry about it once we get there.

      Yet, just because we know we’ll be able to find ways to get to where we want to go, even in unfamiliar places, this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t educate ourselves before we leave home. Particularly when planning to visit a locale such as Cabo San Lucas, having some preliminary knowledge of the available options can ease the stress of figuring out everything on the fly. Below you’ll find a few facts about Cabo San Lucas transportation that should help facilitate your arrangements and keep you from ‘worrying once you get there!’

      Is it safe?

      That being said, Cabo San Lucas transportation is quite possibly the safest in the country. Cabo is in a more isolated part of the country (even if it doesn’t seem that way when you visit), and paired with its status as a ‘center of tourism,’ this characteristic has almost entirely kept violence at bay. This isn’t to suggest you should completely let down your guard – you always need to use common sense in a foreign environment. However, having fears about Cabo San Lucas transportation is unnecessary and will likely serve only to put a damper on your vacation experience.

      What are the Cabo San Lucas Transportation options?


      Taxis in Cabo are abundant. They often seem the most effective way to get around simply by being so easy to find. Despite this, there are still a few things to consider before hopping into the back of a cab.

      Be aware that taxis in Cabo San Lucas are unmetered. If you don’t negotiate a price prior to your ride, you will likely be overcharged. However, even if you do remember to negotiate before, it’ll probably still be more costly than you might anticipate. Drivers in Cabo are unionized and because of this, fair rates are kept considerably high.

      Rental Cars

      Many familiar rental car companies are available in Cabo San Lucas. Depending on the particulars of your itinerary, this could be a sensible option during your stay.


      Buses are also available. It’s not a bad idea to confirm their legitimacy with airport or resort officials, however buses are a safe and inexpensive form of Cabo San Lucas transportation. The drawback is they tend to be very slow and crowded.

      Private Cars

      Some resorts will provide them, some you can hire on your own, but anyway you choose to go, there is no shortage of private car agencies in Cabo San Lucas. Using a private car or shuttle will naturally be an expensive option, yet it will undoubtedly provide the most peace of mind.

      A round trip between the airport and most resorts will range from $150-$250 (USD) depending on the size of your party and the distance of the resort. A comprehensive list of various companies can be found here.

      For expert guidance when it comes making your transport arrangements, don’t hesitate to contact the representatives of LuxLife Vacations. We can make your transportation easy by providing you with a private SUV or shuttle when you book a travel package through us. This allows you to easily travel between your hotel and the airport, and to any activities you have planned during the duration of your stay. Happy travels!

    We are committed to providing only the best luxury vacation experiences for couples, families, corporate travelers and weddings. We have carefully picked out the finest resorts, restaurants and activities for our clients to indulge in. We also provide you with your own Personal Vacation Concierge who is on-call throughout your stay.

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